Department of pathology

Pathology sits at the cusp of basic and clinical sciences. This unique position allows us to contribute in an important and meaningful manner to clinical care through the provision of timely and accurate diagnoses as well as laboratory testing results. At the same time, investigative approaches within the department seek to further define our understanding of disease processes, paving the way for therapeutic interventions

The Department embraces the tripartite mission of the JIMS Hospital & Medical College clinical service, education, and research.

As academic faculty, we shoulder the responsibility to provide a learning experience for students and residents that will catapult them into the professional arena as well-trained, knowledgeable, inquiring medical graduates and competent, compassionate, intellectually mature physicians. The Department plays a key role in the education of medical students with maximal interactions during the Phase 2. No longer is a ‘stand alone’ course, instruction in Pathology fully integrated as part of the Cellular and Systems Disease States in concert with medical microbiology and pharmacology. JIMSH thus plays a key role in education and research while providing vital diagnostic and clinical consultative services throughout the state.

Pathology department at JIMSH is located in the ground floor of the academic building.

    • Demonstration Room
Research Laboratory
      • Museum Curator
  • Transfusion Medicine Unit
    • Laboratory facility for hospital patients.
    Histopathology: Histopathology Immuno-histochemistry Immuno-flourescence Second opinion
    • Cytopathology: FNAC, Fluid cytology, Gynae cytology,
    • Haematology: Peripheral smear and Bone marrow studies, Clinical Pathology, Coagulation tests, Flow Cytometry

    • Automated cell counter
    • Automated urine strip reader
      • Automated Histokinette
      • Coagulation analyser