Biochemistry is the most progressive field of Medicine globally, trying to explain diseases at the molecular levels, evolve early diagnostic and novel therapeutic approaches with the aim of relieving patients of their pair and sufferings. The department conducts modern research activities in the areas based on diabetes, cardiovascular biology, molecular biology and recent advances in biomedical sciences. MBBS students are initially instructed in the basics, giving them an understanding of the clinical processes involved in biochemistry.

The biochemistry Department at JIMSH is headed by Brigadier (Retd.) Suchit Bandyopadhyay. The academic section of the department of Biochemistry is located in the first floor of the Academic Building. Professors rely on advanced teaching methodologies and learning aids to ensure students learn the subject in an interesting way. The faculty's experience widens the scope for both clinical biochemistry and research. They constantly stay updated with the latest developments in the field by involving themselves in conferences and symposia. The department also has a well-knit team of health sciences and technical staff who can take credit for the smooth functioning of the laboratories.

The clinical sector of the department is located at the central Clinical Laboratory in the ground floor of the main hospital having state of art technology and equipment.

Infrastructure Facilities

Biochemistry lab – 1 Preparation Room – attached with the lab
Demonstration room – 2 [Capacity 75 students in each] Departmental Library – 1
Research room – 1 Seminar Room – 1 [Capacity 15-20 students]
Practical Lab – 1 [Capacity 90 students] Museum – 1


Equipments And Models

Flame Photometer Eye with Orbit
Colorimeter Micro-balance
Chromatography chamber UV lamp
Electrophoresis unit Spectrophotometer
Binocular research microscope Vortex mixer
Physical Balance Magnetic stirrers
Centrifuges Incubator
Hot air oven Water bath
pH meter Autopipette
Dispensers Distillation unit1 metal &1 glass
Urinometer Esbach’s Albuminometer

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