Aims and Objective

The department of Biochemistry intends to provide Basic Pre-Clinical study in Biochemistry for medical students. It involves analysis and interpretation of clinical and biological sample from the human body, usually in the form of body fluids to help clinicians in diagnosis and interpretation of diseases and enabling them to arrive at final diagnosis and treatment modalities. Screening of inborn errors of metabolism and further research on the recent advances in molecular medicine are additional objectives of Biochemistry.


The Department of Biochemistry has two wings: Academic and Clinical

The Academic wing provides academic coursework in Biochemistry (under the WBUHS and approved by the Medical Council of India) for undergraduate students of MBBS and Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (Under State Medical Faculty, West Bengal). In addition to this we are going to have BSc and Diploma in Nursing teaching programs.

Academic frame work includes lectures, tutorials, small group discussion, Self directive learning, integrated seminars and structured problem based learning spread over a span of first two semesters of MBBS course. The practical classes are conducted in well equipped undergraduate practical laboratory designed to accommodate 96 pax at a time.

The research laboratory of the academic wing is well equipped to carry out basic and clinical research for those students and faculties who are involved in research projects.

The department also has departmental library equipped with most of the text books of biochemistry to enrich knowledge. To make the subject more interactive and learning, the department has adopted e-learning software which would enable students to gain more concept and understanding of the subject.  

The department would conduct seminars and journal clubs at frequent interval of time in order to keep pace with the recent advances in the field of Biochemistry. This would help faculties and students as knowledge sharing tool. The department would provide health care and diagnostic services to the hospital as and when required through service laboratory which are not done in Clinical Laboratory.

The Clinical Biochemistry wing provides diagnostic support in the hospital as ordered by the clinicians of the hospital Outpatient department as well as Inpatient department. All routine and special investigations are performed in the clinical biochemistry laboratory. The department is equipped with Fully Automated analyzer to scatter the investigations called for, in hospital. We are maintaining the quality control of each biochemical parameters through EQAS program from CMC Vellore to ensure and validate the authentic reports of diagnostic tests.

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