Physiology as we all know is the study of normal functions of body, but in recent times, various interesting and important topics fall under this category.

Students interested in this area of body science are guided by dedicated faculty members with excellent teaching Resources. The Sessions are a mix of both theoretical/practical training and pre-clinical knowledge instrumentation. Regular symposia seminars and journal club meetings create forums for the exchange of ideas.

The study of human physiology integrates knowledge across many levels, including biochemistry, cell physiology, and organ systems. The Department of Human Physiology serves its students by providing training in human physiology to prepare them for careers in medicine, allied health professions, and biomedical research.

Department of Physiology at JIMISH has qualified and dignified teaching faculties members with adequate infrastructure to facilitate the professional development of the students. Department of Physiology is located on the first floor of the Academic Building. Faculty members use both vertical and horizontal methods of lecture and demonstration classes so that students can have a deeper understanding of applied physiology.

Infrastructure Facilities

Mammalian lab – 1

Research Lab – 1

Clinical physiology lab – 1 [Capacity 90 students]

Demonstration room – 2 [Capacity 75 students in each]

Haematology lab – 1

Departmental Library – 1

Physiology Lab - 1

Seminar Room

Equipments And Models

Sherrington Starling Kymograph

Bicycle ergometer



Pohl’s commutator

Perimeters, with charts

Vibrating interrupter

Colour perception lantern

Double Tuning  fork

Maddox rod

Dale’s bath for internal organ

pH meter, electric

Animal Weighing Machine

Electronic stimulator

Mary’s Tambour

Newton’s  colour wheel

Smoking outfit  with fume cupboard

Centrifuge, high speed with Calorimeter, photo-electric (digital)

Varnishing outfit

Steriliser Electric

Anaesthesia boxes

Calorimeter, photo-electric (digital)

Surgical instruments for operative

Autonomic Nervous System

Microscopes Student

Connection of Cerebellum

Double Demonstration eye piece

Sino Aortic mechanism

Westerngreen’s Pipettes

Mechanism of Swallowing


Trunk with head dissectible


Stethoscopes Model of ear on stand
Polygraphs:- 3 Channel complete Heart greatly enlarged
Stage micrometer Model of digestive tract Complete
Spirometer Human Pelvis male
Gas analysis apparatus, Haldane’s Internal reproductive organs female
Van Slyko’s apparatus Human Pelvis Female
Erogograph Mosse’s Polyrites

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