Medical Records Department

The department is highly developed with computerised patients demographic data collection. Round the clock computerised emergency new and revisit registration both routine and emergency admissions and discharge are permanently housed in JIMS Hospital.

There are approximately 50000 in-patient health records from the beginning to date separately stored, includes health and Medico-Legal cases. The major function of good quality MRD in the globe is to be the custidian of patients health record charts and to provide prompt and efficient service to users. JIMSH medical records has already achieved this function close to 100% at present patient health records are on conventional paper system , but planning in the near future to convert all paper health record chart data to be scanned and placed in imaging based document management system. The benefits would be to handle very large volume of medical data, improve efficiency, easy storage of documents in minimal space, quick retrieval of records in seconds at the press of bottom.



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