The Anatomy Department of Jagannath Gupta Institute of Medical Science & Hospital (JIMSH) has been built and equipped to teach the foundation course of the MBBS curriculum with the best in class equipment and experienced and qualified faculty members. The department is situated in the ground floor of the Medical College building within the JIMSH campus.

The Infrastructure has been built to teach 200 undergraduate students per year. The department has its dissection hall in the eastern wing of the ground floor with capacity teach at least 200 students at a time with 15 cadavers simultaneously with plenty of exhaust fans for proper ventilations and ample natural and artificial lighting facilities. The cadaver storage facility with well-equipped mortuary cooler and cadaver tanks to store 20 cadavers at a time are in place to cater the need of teaching students. All the electrical instruments and the coolers have un-interrupted power supply with power back-up.

On the western wing of the department the histology lab is situated with capacity to cater 100 students at a time with optical microscope for each students and ample lighting with separate slide preparation room and processing area with all necessary equipment at-par to post graduate teaching institutes.

The anatomy lecture theatre is situated in the southern wing of the ground floor of medical college building with capacity for seating of 200 students and equipped with air-conditioning and latest audio-visual and acoustics system. The department also has 2 separate demonstration rooms, departmental library, research lab, central photographic lab, anatomy museum with separate areas for wet and dry and radiological gallery. The faculty members regularly dissect cadavers and indulge in research activities and present rare anomalies in clinical meetings of the medical college held regularly.

Infrastructure Facilities

Dissection Hall  – 1 [Capacity 150 students]

Central Photographic Lab

Dissection Hall Table - 25

Embalming room

Demonstration Rooms- 2 [Capacity 75 students]

Storage Tanks [Number 4]

Gross Anatomy Museum & Embryology Museum

Cooling Cabinets [Capacity 15-18 cadavers]

Seminar Room

Departmental Library [Capacity 15-20 students]

Histology Lab [Capacity 90 students]

Research Lab [Equipments Available: Binocular, Compound Microscopes-5, Hot Air Oven Incubator, Physical Balance]

Equipments And Models

Microscopes, Monocular

Dissection microscope

Microtome rotary

Microtome, Sledge

Dissecting instruments

Hot plates for flattening sections

Embalming machines for cadavers

Skeletons articulated

Vertebral with pelvis and femur heads

Adult Male pelvis

Adult Female Pelvis

Life Size Coloured Skull

Foetal  & Infant Skull

Shoulder, Hip, Knee, Elbow, Foot, Hand joints

Foot Joint with Ligaments

Heart Model

Brain with Arteries

Eye with Orbit

Human Female Pelvis Section

Embryo Model

Liver, Pancreas and Duodenum Model

Human Larynx model magnified

Human Placenta

Spinal Cord in the Spinal Canal

Digestive system

Neuron Model

Model of the transparent lung segment

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