Diplomate National Board (DNB) is a program equivalent to that of the post-graduate and post-doctoral program in the field of medicine. This program provides the students the same stature as that of MD and MS. The program is divided into two sub-categories which includes DNB in Broad Specialities and DNB in Super Specialists. Candidates of DNB have wider prospects in the career stream as they can join as specialists and faculty members in reputed government and private agencies.

The program serves all the purposes of enabling student gain all-round knowledge about the specialized field. Candidates are skilled in carrying on academic meetings, reviews, seminars, managing records as well as performing emergency duties. The course is set with the aim of monitoring and evaluating the skill of the students before they are competent enough to turn up as professional doctors specializing in different medical domains.

The curriculum comprises of theory and practice. Candidates must complete a minimum of 20 hrs lectures per week, along with rotating training. They are provided with a stipend for training sessions. Candidates will be required to generate Thesis at the end of the course which would be evaluated by the National Board of examination. They are trained in various aspects based on their choice of specialization, they are skilled in surgical procedures, practical assessment, managing emergency situations and having an in-depth knowledge of the field from all aspects.

Students of DNB have wider prospects to start their career as specialists or faculty lectures in universities and reputed medical colleges. The candidates through the program are imbibed with the skills to manage any tiring situations as well as managing the emergency situation skillfully. The course is set with the aim of imparting candidates with the entire knowledge and skills of the chosen specialization field making them able doctors and professionals on the career front.

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