“Medicines cure disease but doctor cures the patient”


Being a doctor is really not an easy job. It takes lot of hardship, mental stress, intelligence, dedication, care, patience and a lot more uncountable aspects. Starting from the journey of studying MBBS till being a doctor and getting the ultimate feather on cap of master of medicine, is a dream and requires enormous effort. We think that doctors do only prescribe medicines but it is really important to identify the disease from the core and prescribe the accurate medicine to treat the patient. Eliminating the disease is not a challenge as medicine can do that, but healing them patient mentally and giving them the life is the challenge and is the actual certificate of a doctor’s life. Thus MBBS is considered as the noblest profession and here at Jagannath Gupta Institute of Medical Science and Hospital we focus to create better doctors who can efficiently serve the unserved. Starting from providing technologically well equipped quality education to train the students professionally and for making them medically trained doctors, we focus on making them good human being so that they can treat patient not only by mind but with a heartful care.


There are two bachelor degrees in the domain of MBBS such as Bachelor of Medicine and the Bachelor of Surgery. We are successfully educating our students here with all the necessary facilities, world class infrastructure, highly experienced doctors and faculty members.


What does this course involve?


The entire course involves or designed with several branches of medical subjects such as human anatomy, human cytology, medicinal chemistry, chemistry (Organic and Inorganic), biochemistry, microbiology, pharmaceutical papers, drug formulation, surgical methods etc.


Is the department is approved by NMC (National Medical Commission)


Yes, Jagannath Gupta Institute of Medical Science and Hospital is approved by NMC and we have 200 MBBS NMC approved seats for our students


What are the eligibility criteria to pursue this course?



What is the course duration?


5 Years is the total course duration with 1 year of internship in the final year of the course.

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