Microbiology as a subject imparts knowledge about various microorganisms as a causative factor for inducing a disease. Department of Microbiology functions in two division’s mainly Clinical microbiology and Academics.

Department of Microbiology of Jagannath Gupta Institute of Medical Sciences & Hospital is a multidisciplinary unit consisting of Bacteriology, Virology, Mycology, Anaerobic bacteriology, Immunology, Parasitology, Mycobacteria and Serology section.

The department is well equipped with adequate academic resources, spacious lecture halls, museum and laboratory and departmental library. Teaching is an integral part of the departmental academic activity. The department offers excellent opportunities for research in infectious diseases.


Microscopy Parasitology
Culture & Sensitivities Virology
Serological Tests Mycology
Surveillance Molecular Biology
Samples Received Rapid Diagnosis Of Bacterial Infection


Infrastructure Facilities

Practical Hall Demonstration Room
Departmental Library Preparation Room


Equipments And Models

Microscope     Computer with printer
Class II Biosaftey cabinet Hot air Oven  
Centrifuge VDRL Rotator
Slide Stand Automated Blood culture instrument
Vortex machine Vitek   
Densitometer  Mini VIDAS
ELISA Reader & Washer Loop Holding stand
Incubator with digital display of temperature Inoculating Loops
Refrigerator    Inoculating Straight wire
Microwave Bunsen Burner
Measuring Glass Jars  Digital Balance 

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